This is the first post in my blog about how to become a professional television or film director. Definitely, to attain the goal, a person should learn and understand very well how to perform each duty in this field. Also, of course, he or she is expected to study various film and TV genres because they serve as guidelines, which help direct the way the director’s story would go. Another thing is that he or she must be able to make the film or TV programs for reach a specific target audience. Importantly, the director should notice which genre best suits his or her style to make a movie or TV program popular. To achieve the ability to do so, the director should explore every genre with full consideration first before he or she makes a decision (Grove, 2012).

A professional director needs to plan all steps first to make the production go smooth. For example, to make a documentary film about a group of people, the first thing is to contact the person or organization directly involving the story. After gaining permission, a list of questions must be arranged to receive the needed information. Next getting as much information as possible about the target group of people and the place where they live. While getting all information, other devices such as a recorder are needed to gain the necessary details. After this step, the gained data should be arranged while the memory is still fresh. All of these steps can make a documentary easy to understand and interesting to view (Fuller, n.d.).


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